Coffee Table, Doweling Jig
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Coffee table: using a dowel jig

Here is a photo update of the coffee table I am building for our family room. Click here to see the first post on this project. In the first post, I showed the completed legs and marking them for assembly. This post focuses on drilling the holes for the dowels which will join the legs to the aprons.

Showing dowel jig 2
Making holes. This jig centers the drill bit and keeps the drill bit straight.

Holes drilled for dowels
The result. Photo of a leg with dowel holes drilled.

Upper and lower apron with dowel locations
Layout lines. The apron showing the lines on the end of the board where dowels holes will be drilled. The lines on the face of the board show where it will be cut into upper and lower aprons.

coffee table,sanding
Dusty. It is easiest to sand the wood now before assembly. I use my palm sander for this. Note the dowel holes already drilled on the end of the board.

So, that is where I am at right now. The next step will be to do the final sizing on the apron boards and begin assembly.

This is post two in this series. To see the next post, “The Coffee Table Begins to Take Shape”, click here.


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