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Coffee table: working on the top

The coffee table project is entering a new phase with the fabrication of the table top. The table top has been designed using frame and panel construction. In this case, the frame will literally be like a picture frame with a wood panel in the place of a picture. The frame of the top will be red oak like the rest of the table, but the center of the top will be made from my favorite figured wood: tiger maple. Lots of pictures:

The parts. These four pieces of wood will form the frame of the table top.

In the groove. I need a slot in the frame for the panel to slide into.

A little stress. I have not yet mastered cutting accurate 45 degree angles, so I am a little nervous as I cut these boards.

Biscuits. The components of the frame are joined with biscuits.

Pretty good 45’s. I am pleased with the how the angles turn out.

The frame takes shape. All the parts dry fitted using a band clamp.

Looking good. The top in place without the panel.

The next step is to fabricate the pieces that will form the panel of the table top then to glue everything together.

This is post six in this series. To see the next post, “Coffee Table: fitting the top insert” click here.


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