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Coffee table: completed!

Completed. Another project wrapped up. This was a fun table to make. While simple, I did try out a few new things which were interesting. I am pleased with how it turned out.

Finally, the coffee table project is completed and the old one is out. I made the clips necessary to attach the shelf and the table top to the frame which went great – this is the first time I have attached a top this way. I carried the table up from my basement shop and it now in place in our family room. First let’s take a look at the toy chest that the coffee table replaced.

Worn out. This old pine toy chest served us well, but the wood the hinge is attached to is damaged, the dog has chewed on it and it has various dents and scratches from many years of use. I am going to have to pay more attention to keeping my old projects looking better.

The old toy chest was necessary to hold the many toys that my daughter played with when she was a child. Some notable things about this toy chest: this was my first attempt at raised panels. They were cut on the table saw since my first router was not big enough to handle a panel raising bit. The wood is pine except for the top which is hard maple (chosen for durability). The drawers are false, allowing for deep storage space. I will recycle the top and dismantle the rest of it.

An updated look. I like the simple, clean lines of this table.

A post project critique
I am going to be brutally honest on this blog, which may be hard at times because I know other woodworkers drop in for a visit from time-to-time. So here is my critique…

What went well: I love the color – the stain and polyurethane went on very well. Applying the stain and finish is usually my weakness, so I am very pleased. The dowel joinery was hassle free which has not always been the case. I am pleased with the grain of the oak and the curl in the tiger maple pops much better than my last project with that wood. I like the simple, straightforward design.

What I would do differently: From a design standpoint, I would probably make this project a little larger, but only by an inch or so in every direction. I am not pleased with the grain of the oak plywood shelf. For some reason, I thought it would not be that noticeable, but it is. Originally, I had planned to use an ebony stain, but that changed during the project. My thinking was a dark color, and the fact that the shelf is going to usually be in the shadow of the top, that the somewhat wild grain of the oak plywood wouldn’t be an issue. One other thing, I am going to have to spend more time sanding and scraping the wood.

So, there you have it – another project in the history books or in this case filed away on an internet blog. I have not yet decided what I will build next – I am thinking about a new workbench, a miter saw station, renovating an end table I made about ten years ago, or a new computer desk. It will probably be a new workbench – stay tuned.

BTW: If you would like to see this project start to finish, click here.


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