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The new workbench: dealing with sawdust

got started on the new workbench over the weekend. I managed to cut the 2×4 legs to size on Saturday. These are the typical 2×4’s you get at Home Depot. They are straight, but have defects in them. I took some time to hit them with my palm sander. The dust was unbelievable (the photo is of sawdust in case you didn’t know). Not as bad as MDF mind you, but pretty bad. And, with the defects, slight dings and such, I need to sand as many of these out of the legs as possible.

Why would a manufacturer make a sander that could not be easily connected to either a shop vac or a dust collection system? My sander has a very small port that I have not been able to find a hose or adapter to fit to my Delta dust collector. It’s another thing to add to my woodworking “to do” list – find a way to connect the sander to my dust collector.

The good news is that as of this morning, I have the legs sanded and I am moving on to cutting the stretchers and aprons which are plywood and will need very little sanding.

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UPDATE 12/30/2009: I was able to find some information on line about a hose from Porter Cable that will fit my sander. Also, there is a Porter Cable service center nearby, so I was able to drive there and get most of what I needed except one final coupling. I purchased the coupling at my local Woodcraft store. Problem solved.

UPDATE 3/15/2012: I have been posting more about sawdust and the health issues I have been running into with a project which utilizes MDF (MDF is a big creator of fine sawdust). See the posts here and here.


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  1. Jeff-

    It's funny, when I divided my space into a hand tool room and a machine room I toyed with the idea of building that bench. I'll be curious as to how it works out. I like the simple, almost Japanese woodworking feel about it.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I have decided to make it six feet long instead of five. I have not found time in the shop since Monday AM.

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