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Scott bookcase: buying materials

Hauling wood. My van does double duty by transporting lumber and plywood to my shop.

After some scheduling conflicts, I met with my clients and discussed the design of their new bookcase. My presentation included the SketchUp model I have been working on as well as printouts of several views and my original scale drawing on graph paper. We discussed the materials to be used and the time frame for construction, and everything is a go.

I stopped by The Home Depot on the way home and picked up some initial supplies, namely two sheets of birch plywood which will form the box of the upper and lower bookcases. One of the great things about The Home Depot (and Lowes for that matter) is the panel saw they have in the lumber department. I get some initial cuts made there so it is easy to transport and handle what would otherwise be very heavy material.


I have a Chevrolet Venture van which I use for work (I sell for Mohawk Carpet). With everything removed from my van, I can load full sheets of plywood in it and close the tailgate – a nice feature. But I was wondering how do other woodworkers transport lumber and such? Pickup? Panel van? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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