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Scott bookcase: fabricating the lower case

A note for those viewing this via an RSS reader: I am updating some old posts to fit my current WordPress theme. This causes them to look like new posts in a feed reader which can be confusing.

Woodworking is a part time thing for me. I have found that if I can do at least a little each day before and after work, then a lot can be accomplished. I officially started this project Monday morning and here it is Tuesday evening and I have both the left and right sides of the lower bookcase completed (creating the panels to the outside of the lower bookcase will happen later).

The process is basic woodworking as you can see from the photos…

After cutting at the home center, this piece of plywood will become the sides for the bookcase.

My first cut. I use my circular saw to cut the plywood into upper and lower sections. The space between my table saw and out-feed table is great for this.

My new panel cutting sled. After cutting the sides to the proper width,
I use this fixture to squar the ends.

Straight, square and flat. Good quality plywood is a great material to work with.

Cutting the dados.

For the bottom bookcase, there will be a bottom shelf and sub-top. Both will be joined to the sides using dados. I don’t use a dado blade for this. Using my fence, I locate and make an initial cut on both sides and then nibble away at the material until I get a snug fit.

Sinking holes for the shelf pins.

There will be one movable shelf in the lower bookcase. I add a collar to my router; clamp this jig to the bookcase side and plunge a router bit into the plywood.

The lower sides completed – these two sides mirror each other. I am off to a good start.

Next up: cutting the shelves to size and assembling the box that will become the lower bookcase. This bookcase is about five feet wide, the widest project I have ever had to glue up. So, I will need to purchase longer pipe clamps.

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