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Scott bookcase: more work on the lower bookcase

First, some snowy photos. Most winters we get a snow or two in Alabama. This is our second of the season and a good snow for us is usually just enough to cover most of the grass and snarl traffic. A photo from the end of our street (photos are clickable for a larger view).

From my office window. The trees look beautiful covered with light snow.

This is what a winter storm looks like in Alabama. Yesterday evening, the weather service posted a winter storm warning for central Alabama. The forecast called for as much as four inches of snow. I am not yet sure what the official accumulation was, but it was a nice little snow, (not hardly what I would call a winter storm).


Due to work related stuff, I have not been able to do much wood working this week. At the beginning of the week, I was able to build-up the side panels and add molding to them. And last night, I was able to begin fabrication of the adjustable shelf for the lower bookcase finishing it up this morning. See the photos…

The left panel. I use half inch MDF to make rails and stiles and then add typical stop molding around the inside. Note the molding at the bottom of the panel hasn’t been cut yet.

Biscuits. I use #10 biscuits and glue to add a poplar edge to the plywood shelf. I have found that even with several coats of paint, the various layers of plywood are visible. This solid wood strip will allow for a smooth paint finish. The biscuits help create a strong joint and also help align the two surfaces.

Pipe clamps. I use four pipe clamps to pull the components of the shelf together. I then use a damp cloth to wipe away the glue that squeezes out.


I actually worked on the face frame for about two hours this afternoon, but I did not get it finished, so I’ll write about that process in my next post. Then it will be on to the base moldings.

Music on my iPod: David Gray, “Babylon“. To see all the posts on this project, click here.


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