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Scott bookcase: lower bookcase is completed

After taking a couple of days off from woodworking, I have been back at it. I am glad to report that during the later part of last week, I was able to complete the base board molding and then yesterday and today, I moved on to the top of the lower bookcase. This included fabricating the molding that runs along the underside of the top and putting an edge detail on the top itself. Here is how it went…

Decisions, decisions. I have been thinking exactly how to execute the lower base board. It is built up from two boards topped with moldings. Except for a tiny part of an edge, the inner board is not visible. So, I contemplated building this up with scraps saving solid boards for more visible use, but in the end, I decided to go with a solid plank just because it was easier to do.

Screws and brads. I use a lot of screws in my projects. I often clamp a board in place and then attach it with a screw. I like the holding power they have. Here, the back row of base board is screwed in place and for the front row, I use brads from my pneumatic nailer.

Moldings applied. These are stock moldings from The Home Depot. On top is a cove molding and the lower row has a quarter round. These two moldings form a large ogee profile.

Baseboard inspiration. I have often turned to this large breakfront for inspiration for projects. Built by Douglas Schroeder, this piece appeared in Fine Woodworking #78, September/October, 1989. Click the photo to enlarge and note the extra heavy crown.

With the base board completed, the top was next. I cut a molding with my router to transition from the top to the lower case. I created a simple roundover with a little lip under it. I then cut the top to size and cut a little cove to the underside.

Table top moldings. Here is the finished profile of the top moldings. Very little sanding at this point.

I love this. The lower bookcase finished except for some touch-up sanding.

I am going to finish sanding the lower bookcase during the week and will likely start on the top section towards the weekend. Almost halfway completed! To see what the completed bookcase will look like, click here.

To see all my posts on this project, click here. Music on my iPod: The Black Crowes, “Thorn In My Pride.”


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