Scott bookcase
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Scott bookcase: layout for the top

Here it is Wednesday, and I have completed zero woodworking since Saturday morning. Why? Mainly because my back began hurting me Saturday afternoon and it was screaming at me by Sunday morning. My wife always knows when my back is about to go out. She says, “You’re walking crooked.” I develop a little leftward lean when my back acts up.

I went to the doctor Monday and he asked me the same old question, “Have you been doing your back exercises?” I give him the same old answer, “No.” And he gives me the another sheet of paper with some exercises I should be doing along with a couple of prescriptions. I usually do the exercises for only a few days after I recover from a back episode, but maybe this time I should stick with it.


So, in designing the Scott bookcase, I first completed a scale drawing the old fashion way, with a pencil and graph paper. I then drew it the digital way, in SketchUp. The final drawing is the actual full size layout drawn on the project itself.

Collecting my thoughts. Despite all the planning, there is nothing like laying out the components and cuts in full size. Here I locate the crown and upper dado on the side panel.

Seeing the size. Drawing the outer limits of the top section helps me make small adjustments. Here, I added a little extra depth to the top.

A short post tonight – I will complete the fabrication of the sides next. The side panels are already cut to width, I just have to cut them to final length and cut an upper and lower dado. Then I have to route the holes for the shelf pins.


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  1. Here it is two weeks later and I have done these exercises only one time – I need to take better care of my back.

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