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Scott bookcase: adding the waist molding

I have made some big progress in the last few days on the bookcase project. While I had the parts for the face frame cut last weekend, I did not start to assemble them until Wednesday. By Friday, I had the face frame assembled, attached and trimmed. Then it was on to some sanding and applying the moldings to the simulated side panels.

Most recently, I was able to fabricate and apply the waist molding and size the three shelves of the upper bookcase…

Cutting a cove. The waist molding is made from both a custom milled piece and stock stop molding. Here I am routing a cove on a three inch wide piece of poplar. My new workbench is perfect for this.

Warped. The custom milled piece of poplar had warped since I brought it home. So, here I have attached it with screws that will be hidden. I use three from the front and two from the back of the face frame to pull it straight.

The profile. Here is a shot of the two piece waist molding. The profile of the two pieces looks pretty good. I’ll remember this for future projects.

Green. Where possible, I don’t use the flash on my camera because the light it emits is pretty harsh. But here, no flash gives the bookcase a false green shade to it. One of the things I plan to work on for my next project is photo lighting.

The next step is to cut and apply the crown molding. I also have to cut a piece to finish off the top. Then do some final sanding and touching up. Paint will follow that and the project will be complete.

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  1. I sort of like the green look. It gives it a French country appearance. Your blog is really taking shape Jeff.

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