Scott bookcase
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Scott bookcase: Primer and paint

Adding the finish. After final sanding, I begin applying primer to the bookcase.

One of these days, I’ll have a knock down spray booth for my shop. This is a goal7 because applying primer and paint by brush is a lot of work. It is funny though, a premium paint job completed by a professional painter will often include a final brush on coat of paint so the finish will have a hand made look to it.

I have found through this project that spraying on a finish is the preferable way to go. Getting an even coat of thick primer with as few brush marks as possible is difficult. In addition, as you can see in the photo above, to eliminate runs, I am applying primer only on horizontal surfaces (note the lower section laying on its back on the work bench).

The process is to apply primer, allow it to dry, sand it with light to moderate pressure, and then apply a second coat of primer followed with a light sanding. This process is time consuming. That is why using a sprayer would be better, I can spray a controled amount on both horizontal surfaces as well as vertical ones and achieve better results in less time.

Currently. Here, paint for the bookcase is slowly being applied. On the upper section (on the floor) note how the top and the crown meet. This finished off very nicely (click the photo for a larger view).

I’ll continue this process this week and hopefully have the final coat of paint on by the end of the week.

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  1. I love the Scott bookcase. I'm going to try my hand at your desing. Would you be able to leave the dimensions? Thanks!

  2. Casy, thanks for the complement. The bookcase is made in two parts: the base is roughly 5' wide by 3' tall, and the sides are 1' deep excluding moldings. The top is 4' x 4' and 10″ deep excluding moldings.

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