Scott bookcase
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Scott bookcase: moving day

On the move. The bookcase in transit to it’s new home.

The big day for the Scott bookcase has arrived – moving day. This project started sometime around the middle of January and it has been a fun three month project. This is my first project where I have utilized Google SketchUp during the design process and this project has helped me refine my process for building case pieces.

Crisp. The color is pure white – no tint at all. It really is fitting for a traditional piece like this.

The post project critique.
As is the case with all of my projects, I write my own critique of what went well and what I need to improve upon.

On the plus side: This is about my fifth bookcase and I am getting better and faster making them (you can find photos of two others here and here). My last two bookcases have been painted and I used many of the same techniques on the Scott bookcase as I did with my daughter’s bookcase.

Due to it’s stable nature, I used birch plywood in as much of the project as possible. The edge even shows in a few areas. An untreated plywood edge is really a “no, no” with me, but since all of this bookcase is painted, the edge is actually treated – with paint. Any voids were filled and sanded and these areas were fine.

The simulated panels continue to be a sought after design aspect. Several people familiar with this project pointed this feature out as very pleasing. The overall shape and proportion of the bookcase worked very well. This is rewarding to me because the initial design just did nothing for me – it lacked a visual hook that I like to work into my projects. This hook comes from a base that is wider than the top.

Things to work on: I need to continue to work on my process for cutting large panels. I had one situation where a board was cut wrong and I attribute it to a bad choice in the straight edge I used. Another thing – I am going to have to come up with another way to cut dados. I have been simply doing repetitive cuts with my standard table saw blade, but that can leave a dado that doesn’t have a flat bottom. This requires fussing with to make it right. I guess I should just break down and purchase a nice dado blade set. And finally, if I continue to do painted pieces, I need to invest in some sort of spray equipment for paint.

Overall, this project was fun and my client is pleased with the results. I will have one more post on this project – I want to get one final photo of it set up in my customer’s home and that should be up in the next two weeks.

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