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Beth’s built-in: the SketchUp

I got up early this morning and thought I would sit down before we left for church and tackle a rough drawing of the built-in cabinet I will soon build for my daughter’s small bathroom. It was quiet and I had all the necessary tools: my graph paper and printer’s ruler along with my reading glasses, Diet Mountain Dew and plenty of natural light. I like sitting here because I can look out the window and see what is going on.

This is the view from my kitchen bay window. I have a wooded yard and I am in the process of creating a woodland garden in this area. What you see is a small collection of hosta and my largest hydrangea – love those big, blue blooms. I plan to add all kinds of ferns, ground cover and I am currently rooting about 15 hydrangeas, so I think this area will get filled up pretty quickly. One of my projects for the summer will be to clear out all the growth behind the hydrangea. I have to do this every few years because it just becomes a mess of honey suckle, and vines of various sort. It will be hard work and already it is hot – the high today will be 94 degrees with thick humid air. So, a good day to stay inside and do some planning…

Here is what I have drawn so far (I know it is hard to see – click the photo to enlarge it). Remember from my first post in this series that I have a blank wall in which the cabinet will reside. What you see here is a scale drawing. It will be tall and slender which I like. It will have two drawers and two tall doors on it. Behind the doors will be three shelves for storing towels and various other girl stuff.

I also started on the SketchUp drawing and decided that I would have to include the tub/shower unit as well as the door. I downloaded a six panel door to fit this opening, but getting it to fit properly was a pain, so I just left it off. I was doing well with it until I realized the molding around the door was not thick enough to extend beyond the tickness of the baseboard and I did not want to fuss with it any more. I am still very much a novice when it comes to SketchUp.

I also started drawing the project full size on the wall where it wil reside. I quickly learned that the built-in shown in the drawing above will be way to low to the floor. At least much lower than I intended it to be, so again, being able to draw the project full size is very beneficial.

I will continue to work on the SketchUp drawing this week. Sunday, we leave for our annual beach trip to Destin, Florida. We are anxious about this because the monster oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico is knocking on Destin’s doorstep. We have a backup plan in place to shift eastward to Panama City, Florida if the oil gets too close.

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