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Beth’s built-in: more design work

A hole in the wall. In this drawing, I have opened up the wall where the cabinet will reside and have added the 2×4 framing needed.

I have to admit, I am cutting corners with this SketchUp drawing of Beth’s bathroom built-in. I have been adding the 2×4 framing that will line the sheetrock opening. I also will build a little 2×4 platform for the whole thing to sit on. But I have not made all of these 2×4’s “components.” I may regret this, but this step can be tough to do in a complex drawing. See the photo below for the rear veiw:

The view from behind. Twisting this drawing around, you can better see the framework and the bench the built-in will rest on.

I opened up the wall this afternoon and measured the location of the existing 2×4’s behind these walls. All of this helps me formulate not only the design process, but the construction process as well. Plus with SketchUp, I will be able to better explain how this project will come together since I can twist and turn this drawing around.

A potential change
There is already a significant design change under consideration for this built-in. The plan has always been for it to have two drawers and two doors above them. The doors would be tall, slender raised panel doors and the panels would be a natural colored tiger maple. The rest of the built-in would be a medium stain red oak. Cool.

This built-in will reside on a wall adjacent to the door to this small bath. Most of the time, this door is open, and the built-in will be behind the door. So the question arose – do we really need doors on it? Would open shelves be better? This idea first surfaced a couple of weeks ago and at that time, it was shot down by my wife. Today, my mom and two sisters were over and my younger sister says, “that would look good without the doors.” Everyone thought this was a great idea including my wife. Go figure.

From an appearance standpoint, the doors would look the best, what with the tiger maple and all, but I am not sure how practical they would be. Plus no doors is easier to build.

I will continue to work on this drawing over the weekend and hope to have an update on Sunday. To see all the posts on this project, click here.


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