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Beth’s built-in: a SketchUp mistake

Just a quick update: I ran across a problem with my drawing which meant that I had to delete the wall around the built-in and draw it all over again. Removing this wall completely was a challenge. I am not sure why, but some of it wouldn’t delete. I have begun drawing components for this project separately and then moving them into place. That way, I can better select the part and make it a component without including other components that are out of view. This was about a two hour process!

In the photo above, I have added the face frame around the built-in and added some shelves. The back was removed to better facilitate the positioning of the shelves and the lowest shelf will have part of the face frame attached to it. This will be the beginning of forming the openings for the two drawers.

I know that as I use SketchUp more, I will become faster with it, but right now it is slow going. I should have the drawing completed over the weekend and I hope to actually start construction this weekend as well.

UPDATE 7/3/2010: After working on this drawing for about an hour this morning unsuccessfully trying to draw the casing that surrounds the built-in, I have decided that I am going about this drawing all wrong and am going to trash it and start over. There are too many errors, mostly from converting something into a component for me to continue with this drawing. 😦 – I think you get the idea of what I am going to do. I have drawn this thing full size on the wall, being that I am going to cut it out anyway.

UPDATE 9/18/2010: A little at a time, but for much of the day today, I have been working on the SketchUp drawing of Beth’s built-in…

Finally! I am beginning to understand SketchUp.

While I am still slow with my illustrations, I am getting the hang of SketchUp. There is still much to learn about drawing components faster, but being able to complete this drawing is a big step forward.

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