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Beth’s built-in: the back of the upper box is completed

The back. Note the slight bevel on the boards which make up the back. Hopefully, this will add a nice touch to the completed built-in.

We left off on my last post with me thinking about how I would make the back of the upper box. The piece of oak plywood I had was long and narrow – not wide enough to span the width of the box, but there was certainly enough wood to do it in pieces.

I once built a coffee table in which the top was made using frame and panel construction and it went together pretty easily, so I decided to replicate that process for the back of the box. Here is how it went.

The frame. Here are the parts of the frame cut to final width and length.

The panel. The center of this frame and panel back is composed of four slats. With everything fitted, it is time to add a little detail to each piece.

A micro bevel. Using a chamfer bit in my router, I cut a small bevel on the edge of most of the boards. This will add some visual interest to the back.

Cutting slots. I make several passes on my table saw to cut a slot to receive the tenons used to joint the parts together. The second photo shows how I use a home made jig to cut the ends of each board.

The joinery. The parts of the frame and panel are held in place with plywood slats. The slats fit in groves cut along the edges of each board.

The gule-up. This is a pretty straight forward process. I am only gluing the frame together – the boards that make up the panel float. The frame was very slightly out of square, so I use a pipe clamp placed diagonally to pull it into square.

In place. Here the back is installed in the upper box – I simply screw and glue it in place.

With the back installed, The upper box is complete except for some final sanding. I will make the two adjustable shelves for it later. Up next: I will join the upper and lower box and begin work on the face frame which will be made from quarter sawn red oak. When the face frame is completed you will be able to get a much better understanding of what the built-in will look like.

We have a busy weekend coming up moving my daughter back to college, so I won’t have much time for woodworking this week.

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  1. Thanks Jane. I at the University of Alabama right now. I hope to have another post on this project by next weekend.

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