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Beth’s built-in: the face frame, part one

Visiting Woodcraft. I am fortunate that my local Woodcraft store is ten minutes from my shop.

I am entering a fun time with this project. I say this because with the completion of the face frame comes a better understanding of what this built-in will look like.

The interior of the visible part of the built-in; the top section is made from red oak plywood. I selected this material for a few reasons, but chief among them is the cost savings. I could get all the wood I needed for about $50.00.

The current view. Here is the project at present. The uppercase has been joined to the lower case with eight screws.

Using red oak plywood for the interior of the top was not my first choice. I had envisioned plain sawn red oak for this, because the grain would look better, enough material to do this was going to be more than double what the oak plywood cost. And, much of the interior of the upper box would be hidden by towels and other stuff. I did decided to utilize quarter-sawn red oak for the face frame as well as the drawer fronts. And I went to Woodcraft to buy this.

Yummy. The lumber area at Woodcraft in Pelham, Alabama. There is a lot of tasty wood here.

I picked out a nice piece of quarter-sawn red oak with a lot of rays in it. The board came surfaced on the two faces, but the edges were rough, so the first thing to do was to rough cut it to length and then to joint one edge straight.

Flecks. The main reason to buy quarter-sawn lumber is to get the cool rays or flecks show to the right of the 6.4 board feet mark.

Layout. The left and right pieces of the face frame are positioned with locations for the cross pieces drawn on them.

It is critical at this point for me to get organized on exactly where the cross pieces will go. Remember that the plans are drawn full size on the bathroom wall where this built-in will reside. So, I take the left pieces and mark the location of each cross piece then transfer these marks to the right side. I then measure how far apart they need to be, marking this on the upper and lower boxes. I then ran out of time. I plan to add beads to the inside of the face frame, so the burn marks you see will be covered up. I am having major issues with my jointer right now.

We’ll see how much of this I can get completed during the week. I hope to have the face frame completed and attached by this time next week.

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