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Beth’s built-in: the face frame, part two

After spending this past Sunday adjusting my jointer, I am back in business on my daughter’s bathroom built-in cabinet. The really cool quarter-sawn red oak I bought from Woodcraft comes surfaced on both faces, but the edges are rough sawn, so a jointer is critical to finishing the surfacing process.

If you remember, I have the upper and lower boxes constructed, attached to each other and the left and right sides of the face frame cut. This week, I am working on the cross pieces: the top and bottom cross pieces as well as those between the three drawers the built-in will have (see an incomplete SketchUp drawing of the built-in here).

Today, I milled the face frame cross pieces and added beads to them. Here is how it went:

The cutter. I use this router bit to cut the bead that surrounds all of the openings of the face frame. This is a little detail that adds a lot of visual interest to a project.

Ready to cut. The bead bit installed in my router table. I purchased this router table a loooong time ago from Highland Hardware in Atlanta. At the time this was a cutting edge router table. Now it is quite antiquated.

With beads. Here are the face frame cross pieces with beads cut.

A problem. Note the tear out adjacent to the bead on the top board. This pieces is now trash and I use some left over wood to cut a new piece without tear out.

Simple joinery. I am once again using pocket screw joinery on the face frame, although this is the first time I have done this on oak. I used my corded drill for some added torque when drilling this angle in hardwood.

Sufficient. I think pocket screws along with glue is adequate joinery for the face frame.

Clipping the beads. The corners of the beaded cross pieces must be cut at a 45 degree angle. I carefully set my rip fence to act like a stop block. This enables me to make quick, acurate and uniform repetitive cuts on the remaining boards.

Fabrication complete. Here the cross pieces of the face frame have been cut to length and all but one has been cut to width. The beads have been added and the corners have been clipped.

My next step is to actually join the cross pieces to the left and right sides of the face frame and then attach the whole thing to the upper and lower boxes. I hope to have this completed by Sunday evening.

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