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Beth’s built-in: the face frame, part three

In my last post, I completed the cross pieces of the face frame. This post is all about joining the cross pieces to the side rails and completing the beading that surrounds the face frame openings…

Pocket screw joinery. Driving screws into oak means that I use a pipe clamp to lock the pieces in place while I drive the screw.

Completed. The cross pieces are attached to the side rails. Note the location of the pocket screws and the slight 45 degree cuts at the interior bead corners.

Making beads. After routing beads in the edges of this board, I use my table saw to cut them away.

Cutting the 45’s. Next, I begin the process of fitting the beads. Here I cut 45 degree angles to match up to the 45 degree cuts on the cross pieces.

Slipping the beads in place. Note the beads already slipped into place in the drawer openings to the left of the bead I am about to position in place. Click the photo to enlarge.

The face frame – almost complete. Right now the face frame is not attached to the case. I also have to sand it.

I had hoped to have the face frame attached to the case, but I ran out of time. I plan to use mostly pocket screws for this process. Next will be work on the drawers. I had planned to have drawer fronts of quarter sawn oak with tiger maple inserts, but I am loving the quarter sawn oak, I am leaning towards keeping it simple with just oak. I also am planning on using concealed drawer slides, which will be a first for me.

I really like the look of this project, especially the beads and the size of the graduated drawer openings.


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  1. Jeff… I just left a comment on your gardening post… then I saw you were a woodworker as well… I think I'll have to become a follower of yours… I very much enjoy woodworking as well! I need to look over your site some more, but am impressed with what I've seen thus far!! Larry

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