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Hey Jeff, what have you been working on?

Work tools. Here are the tools I use to illustrate the ebook I am working on: Google SketchUp, Diet Mountain Dew, and Crimson Tide football tailgate music.

I’m glad you asked. This past week has been all about two things:

  1. Making progress on my first ebook which will be the plans and steps I took to construct a coffered ceiling in the living room of my home.
  2. Getting ready for the University of Alabama season opening football game against San Jose State.

As far as the ebook goes, I have been writing and re-organizing it this week. I am using Google SketchUp to re-create the steps I went through to build my coffered ceiling since it was many years ago that I added this treatment to my living room ceiling. I did not have a digital camera then and the idea that I would someday offer downloadable plans via a thing called a blog was not even a consideration.

A work in progress. I am working on a cross-section view of one box in my coffered ceiling. This has been time consuming. The drawing above is incomplete, lacking some of the needed molding.

Yesterday, my wife gave me free reign to spend as much time as I wanted with SketchUp. I am slowing figuring this software out. I once again traded emails Tim Killen who writes at Fine Woodworking’s SketchUp blog called “Design. Click. Build. ” because I could not figure out how to draw mitered angles on some of the parts.

My ebook is finished and you can get the full document as a free download by clicking here.

Now, about University of Alabama football: both my wife and I graduated from Alabama and my daughter is a sophomore there. In case you did not know, the Crimson Tide won the national championship last year. So, Alabama football is critical for us this season. We went to the game this past Saturday against San Jose State and the atmosphere was electric. We arrived on campus at 11:00 am for a 6:00 pm kickoff. The Quad, a large grassy field at the center of campus, turns into a tailgating competition prior to the game…

The Quad before the game. Crimson Tide football includes pre-game festivities on the Quad. Note the crimson attire, satellite TV dishes, a guy singing and playing guitar, and the cute little girl that greets us with a “Roll Tide.” That’s my wife and daughter walking in front of me.

The team arrives. In this photo, the mighty Crimson Tide runs onto the field. The stadium has recently been expanded to seat almost 102,000 fans. The sky boxes between the large video monitors and the seating above them are new. Still, about 9,000 fans were turned away.

So, woodworking this fall will include me listening to the game on my radio and running upstairs to see the replay of key downs on TV since I don’t have TV in my basement shop.

I will continue to work on my ebook this week as well as the built-in cabinet for my daughter’s bathroom. To see my original post on the coffered ceiling project, click here.


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During the week, I sell flooring products for The Dixie Group. Weekends, you'll find me in my basement workshop making furniture.

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