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Beth’s built-in: some new shop helpers

I need to find a new home for my current project while I complete it.

I have a goal with each new project to do something to upgrade my shop. For my last project, I made a couple of jigs and bought two six foot pipe clamps. With my current project, the built-in cabinet I am making for my daughter’s bathroom, I need to find a place for it to reside while I continue to build it. Right now, it rests on my workbench which isn’t ideal for two reasons: first, I am once again relegated to using my table saw as a workbench and second, standing it upright helps me better visualize what it will look like when completed.

Today, I completed a couple of sawhorses which are about the right height for my project.

These sawhorses were designed by Christian Becksvoort. Now building anything that Mr. Becksvoort has designed would be a honored addition to my shop, even if it is just sawhorses. Becksvoort’s article suggests that a shop should have a set of three sawhorse designs, one set which is one foot tall, another that is two feet and still a third which is three feet and adjustable to be even taller. He writes that these three heights are most useful as helpers in his shop. I plan to make a couple of each, but right now I am focusing on making two of the two foot version.This is a situation where I am not going to design some really unique sawhorses. I am basically going to copy some I found in Fine Woodworking’s “201 Tips for Woodworkers” which was a gift this past Christmas from my wife. I write a very brief review of this special publication here.

I stopped by Lowes on the way home and bought the necessary stock to complete this project.

Here, my saw blade is tilted to 11 degrees and I use a stop block clamped to my fence to make repetitive cuts

Here are the completed legs, all exactly the same.

The thickness of the cross pieces is achieved by gluing two 1x boards together.

Here I use my bandsaw to cut out notches for the legs. My saw table is tilted to 11 degrees.

The cross pieces completed with notches for the legs cut.

Here I hold the board with one hand, the camera with the other and I use eyes that can’t see very well.

These old, rickety sawhorses will soon be dismantled and probably used for scrap wood.

I plan to make two of each of Christian Becksvoort’s three sawhorse designs. The three footers will be next.

Tomorrow, I will be back to working on the built-in with finishing the faceframe and mounting the drawer slides coming up next.


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