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Beth’s built-in: constructing the drawers, part one

My desk. Not only has my table saw served as my workbench, the extension table has become my desk. Here, I lay out the technical stuff for the Blum drawer slides I selected.

When I think about making the drawers for the built-in, the first thing I have to do is select the drawer slides which will determine how wide I can make the drawers. But I quickly ran into a problem. The inside depth of the built-in is fourteen inches which is an odd size for a drawer slide. I could easily find suitable slides online, but I did not want to wait for them to be delivered. I went to Woodcraft and the Home Depot, but concealed slides to fit were not available. In a last ditch effort, I remembered a cabinet hardware speciality store in Birmingham called HGH Hardware. After looking over their in-stock slides, I selected the ones shown below. I am not thrilled with the almond color, but they should not be visable.

A tryout. This is the first time I have used these slides, so the next step is to mark where they will go along the inside of the lower cabinet. I purposefully designed the lower cabinet to align with the inside of the face frame while the top section is wider. I can simply mount these slides to the inside of the cabinet.

Aligning the slides. Here I use a scrap piece of wood cut to the same length as the height of the drawer slide. This helps me precisely locate both ends of this drawer slide as well as the one for the opposite side. I then cut the scrap to help locate the remaining slides.

Making progress. With the slides mounted, I can permamently attach the face frame using glue, clamps and pocket screws. In this photo, you see the built-in which is in an upright position for the first time thanks to the new saw horses I made.

What it will be. I have been working on my SketchUp drawing of this project (click to enlarge). I had abandoned it for a while, but decided that an illustration was necessary to help visualize certain aspects of this project. My SketchUp skills are improving.

This week it is off to Lowes to purchase some half inch craft wood for the drawer boxes. I need to first decide how I will join the various sides of the drawers. I am toying around with the idea of cutting dovetails by hand – a big deal for me. Hopefully, I will have the boxes of all three drawers completed by this time next week.

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