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Note to self #4

Over the past two days, I have completed only a little woodworking. Most of the evenings have been spent working on some project plans and watching House and Glee. But I have worked a little trying to complete the three drawers of my built-in; most of it in the mornings before work. It’s nice outside now, and great just to raise the garage door and let the cool morning air in.

In the photo above, I have an unforeseen problem. After taking the trouble to mount the drawer slides properly and making sure that the interior of the cabinet as well as the drawers are nice and square, the front of the drawer is not parallel with the face frame. You can see this in the photo if you look closely at the space between the drawers and the face frame. When I add the oak drawer fronts, I am concerned that this will look bad.

I am not sure why this alignment problem exists. What I think is causing this is that when I joined the cross pieces of the face frame, these cross pieces stuck out slightly. I thought I could just sand them flush, but this unforeseen situation now exists.

I am not sure what to do about this. For anyone stopping by my blog – I welcome your thoughts on how to fix this. Note to self: make sure the face frame goes together properly next time.

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  1. I have been shimming the drawer slides that attach to the interior of the cabinet. I hope that this will enable the drawer front to align with the face frame. I am using business cards as shims.

  2. Anonymous says

    Something isn't square. Adjusting the drawer runners is the only way I can think of.


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