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Beth’s built-in: constructing the drawers, part three

Almost complete. Only missing the drawer fronts. Note the dowel joinery.

Why does everything take longer than planned? I had hoped to be finished with the drawers at this point. But you know, presently woodworking is still just a hobby; I have a day job, a family to tend to, football to watch (ROLL TIDE!!!) and I am making big progress on the downloadable plans for my coffered ceiling project. So, I guess I should be thankful that I have so much going on right now.

I worked on and off throughout the week finishing the drawer boxes, adding the remaining dowels and fitting the plywood bottom to the third drawer. I also worked on the alignment problem mentioned in my last post. I think I have that fixed.

Yesterday, I went to Woodcraft and bought some more quarter-sawn red oak for the built-in project. They had about 15 boards of various sizes – several with some good flecking in them, but these boards were quite a bit larger than I needed. I ended up selecting one that would yield the least amount of waste, but it had only minimal flecking.

I also bought a new blade for my table saw. I am going to try to sharpen my old one (never done that before) for future use. A sharp blade is such a joy. It cut through the new oak like a hot knife through butter. Cool.

Working on the faces. I have to glue up the quarter-sawn red oak to achieve the size need for the drawer fronts. I have the box beams of my workbench flipped to the glue-up side for this process.

I hope to have the drawer fronts sized and attached by Wednesday. Then it is on to the shelves this weekend.

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