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Beth’s built-in: constructing the drawers, part 4

Fitting the faces. Here I use cut up business cards and masking tape to provide the spacing I want between the drawer face and the face frame.

I had not planned for this mini-series on drawer construction to cover four different blog posts, but it has. These drawers have taken a lot of time and fussing with; and there have been understandable delays due to things like football games, birthdays (my wife’s 50th) and such as that. But, I am glad to say that the drawers for the built-in project have been completed!!!

Going back to my post on October 3rd, I had completed the construction of the drawer boxes and had glued up the necessary quarter-sawn red oak boards for the drawer faces. Since that time I have taken these additional steps on the drawers…

Really sticky. After fitting the faces, I apply some stout double face tape to the drawer box.

The connection. Here I press the drawer face against the double face tape. This correctly positions the face to the drawer box.

Adding screws. While still taped together, I screw the face and box together. I like this method because I can remove the face and trim it should some fine tuning be needed.

After some additional fitting and fussing with the spacing of the drawer face within the face frame, it is time to permanently attach the face to the drawer.

Good old glue. I spread a generous amount of glue to the drawer box.

A few clamps. I screw the face to the drawer box and clamped it until the glue dries.

Drawer stops. I had contemplating adding drawer stops to the back of the cabinet, but this little lip glued to the face frame works well.

New sawhorses. I am liking my new sawhorses. In this photo, you can see how I use the lower shelf to keep some tools organized.

Drawers completed. Well, almost, I need to plug the screw holes on the inside of the drawers and then they will technically be complete.

I will work on the shelves tomorrow which will be a simple process. This will be followed by some final sanding and then the finish will be applied. The installation of this built-in will be a little bit of an undertaking, so this project still has a ways to go.

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  1. Thanks for the complement RC. They should look good based on the amount of time the took to complete. I have to get faster at making drawers!

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