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SketchUp design #1 – TV Console project

Interesting. The first of two design ideas for my Dad’s TV Console.

I have been pouring over some magazines I use to get my creative juices flowing. I am contemplating the design of my Dad’s TV console – my next project.

One of my favorite magazines is Traditional Home. This magazine often mixes traditional home environments as well as those with a modern touch. The photo above caught my attention. It features a vanity that was pulled from a yacht. I like it for it’s simplicity, something I need for the TV console since I don’t have much time to work on it. The photo below shows the footprint I am thinking about for this project.

In the background, the dimensions of the existing TV stand and the new foot print in front.

With the increased width of current TV’s, I have felt it necessary to expand the width of the new console. Another reason to do this is to provide more space for the electronics. In my previous post, I noted that my Dad’s DVD player sat on the carpeted floor. A wider console would allow for side-by-side stacking of video equipment as shown in the photo below…

Look at the top. The width of the upper section of my entertainment center is largely determined by the size of the equipment

I plan to incorporate this side-by-side component layout for the TV console.

I was laying in bed yesterday morning and my thoughts turned to this project. I’m thinking about keeping the depth of the console the same, but increase the width to something like 42 inches. And I am thinking of some simple, but beefy corner posts that elevate the console off the floor. Also, I want to add some visual interest by having the face frame step back via some sort of molding.

Too thick. The legs are 3.5″ square and a little too beefy, I think.

The legs are now 3″ square and I increased the thickness of the bottom piece that intersects the legs from 3/4″ to 1″ thick. The two rows of moldings will appear on the front only.

I am thinking at this point that this design is getting a little Asian in nature – hummmm…but, I’ll finish the illustration and see what it looks like – click the photos below for a larger view:

I decided to change the routed trim at the base of the front to plain, square stock.

There is now room for all of my Dad’s A/V equipment plus some space for DVDs.

This TV console has a strong look and clean lines. The only molding is a cove to the edge of the top.

My only concern with this design is that it is still too complex to be completed by Christmas. I have a second drawing underway of what I hope is a even more simple design that has a more traditional look. That post is coming soon (and for the heck of it, the above TV console design is copywright 2010 by Jeff Branch, not that anyone would want to copy it).

I feel my SketchUp skills are moving along nicely.


  1. NICE! First of all, let me say, that yes, your Sketchup skills are moving along nicely. Once I started getting over the learning hump (and not confussin all the keyboard shortcuts with other programs I use all the tine) it is proving to be a pretty useful program. It's a bit buggy for my tastes, but based on the cost, I sure can't complain. 🙂

    This thing is going to be great. I like your design and your dad is a lucky guy to have you build him such a cool piece. Looking forward to following the progress.


  2. Thanks Jason. I find SketchUp such a comprehensive program that it is hard to learn, but I am committed to getting it down. You have me interested in the keyboard shortcuts – I don't know them yet!

    I am working on one additional design option for my Dad – one that should be easier to build, since time is short. But I hope he likes the design featured in this post.

    Thanks for the comment.

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