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SketchUp design #2 – TV Console project

Moldings. This second design for the TV console features traditional elements.

When I meet with my Dad in the next few days to go over design options for his new TV console, I want to be able to present him with at least two ideas. What you see in this post is the second design.

The room where the TV console will reside is very traditional containing paneled wainscoting and heavy crown molding. The first design is somewhat modern in feel, so I wanted to design a more traditional option for him…

Traditional. Note the bracket feet and more generous use of moldings than what is found on the first design.

Borrowed. In the A/V storage area, note the design treatment on the center dividers. I borrowed this idea from an article in Fine Woodworking #78, the September/October 1989 issue – which featured a Ron Layport designed walnut chest.

Simple. The sides are solid slabs of wood. This is the easier of the two designs – not as many steps in the construction process, and more likely to be completed by my Christmas deadline.

I designed this TV console to be easier to build than the first. The sides are solid wood verses sides comprised of seven parts. I will have to cut the molding profiles on my router table vs. square stock moldings on the other design, but I think this design will be easier to execute.

The next step is to meet with my Dad and get his comments on the two designs. I am even considering a full size mock-up. Whatever this console will ultimately be, it will be small, and this isn’t depicted very well in the illustrations so far. I hope to meet with my Dad this weekend.


  1. Ohhh, I like this one better. It feels better balanced to me. The first one seems a bit heavy. I LOVE the divider detail you so kindly gave credit too. Next big question….. What kind of wood?

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jason. You are right about the first design – it has a definite heavy stance to it. If that design is selected, I will likely modify it; reducing it’s bulk a little. Design #2 is what I think my Dad will choose. It is more traditional and more appealing. I would like to make design #1 someday, just for fun.

    Those old issues of Fine Woodworking are great. Ron Layport had a great eye for design and mixing different types of wood for a pleasing effect. His design mixes in curly maple in a nice way.

    Oh, and the wood for the TV console is supposed to be mahogany, except it is hard to find locally.

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