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Beth’s built-in: construction is complete

Ready for stain. Construction is complete. I may still do a little touch-up sanding. Stain and polyurethane is next.

Over the past week or so, I have been working on the final steps in the first phase of this built-in project. This includes fabricating the shelves as well as fabricating and attaching the casing molding.

Trimming the shelves. Here I have rough cut the shelves to size, added a thin oak strip to hide the plywood edge and am about to use my router to trim these strips flush.

Making the casing. I had hoped to find some oak door casing which I want to trim the outside of the built-in with. But, after checking several sources without success, I decided to make my own. I just cut a simple cove with my router.

Installation. I use a spacer (held in place with the spring clamp) to properly position the casing and attach it with brads and glue. The dark area of the top right corner is where I wiped away some glue with a damp cloth.

Nice. I decided to trim out the built-in the same way a window is trimmed out. I like the way this looks.

What it will look like. Here is a simple SketchUp illustration of the built-in installed.

After I have applied the stain and polyurethane, I will have to mount the built-in into the wall in my daughter’s bathroom. This will be the second phase of this project, and will require some decent work. I will have to cut a 23″ x 64″ opening in the wall, frame the wall opening with 2 x 4’s, and build a simple platform for the built-in to rest on. So there is still a lot to do before this project is completed.

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