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TV Console: an update

There are certain things I can point to as advancements in my journey as a woodworker. There was my shop class at the University of Alabama where I was introduced to many wonderful power tools. Then there was the day my Dad and I went to Sears to purchase my first table saw. There was the day my wife and I moved into our current home which has a basement large enough for me to set up a little woodworking shop. A few years ago, I started an effort to upgrade my stationary tools – over time, I purchased a new Jet table saw, a Delta dust collector and a Jet band saw.

Today was a first for me and yet another step forward. I purchased 40 board feet of African mahogany from Bell Forrest Products for use on my upcoming TV console project (thanks to Dyami at The Penultimate Woodshop for the tip about Bell Forrest Products). This is important because it moves me from just the hobbyist woodworker who goes down to the Home Depot and picks up a few 1 x 6’s as need be to one who calculates the necessary board feet of his project and places an order for unique lumber. Sort of cool, really.

Design selection
I met with my Dad a little over a week ago and showed him the two designs I created for his TV console project. The winning design (shown above) is no surprise since it more closely fits the traditional look of his home.

The African mahogany for his TV console should arrive in a little over a week, so until then, I will continue to work on the built-in project.


  1. I like that design — it looks like you are putting Sketchup to good use! I forget how spoiled I am on the timber front. Hearne Hardwoods is just five minutes away and Groof and Groff just 30 minutes up the road. BTW Hearne has a a good website just for looking or ordering.

  2. Christopher – there has to be a good local source for such wood, and I have two options, one a Woodcraft store, but neither had enough wood for my project.

    I do not yet have a thickness planer, so I need faces which are surfaced. Bell Forrest Products ships their wood surfaced and with one straight edge, cut but not planed. That is a big help to me.

    I'll check out Hearne Hardwoods.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. Jeff,
    looks like a nice tv console unit, and it'll look great in the mahogany. Good luck with the build and thanks for the mention.

  4. For what it's worth, I just upgraded to a Grizzly 15″ planer and I really like it (I think they are having a sale now, as well.) When I can justify it, I want to upgrade to a Byrd Shellix cutter head. I moved from a Delta lunchbox type (I'd skip that step if you can swing it!)

  5. Christopher – how much does a Grizzly 15″ planer cost (I'm afraid to ask)? I would gladly skip the smaller planer if the price is right.

  6. It bounces around from around $950 to about $1250. They also do deals on free shipping. I think I caught them on the low end of that scale with the free shipping. My experience with Grizzly is that you need to fiddle around a bit with the setup more than some others, but the price difference between them and say Powermatic is pretty dramatic. I am wishing that I had a joiner slider wider than my 8″ Bridgewood — Maybe I'll find one of those antique aircraft-carrier sized jobs at an auction one day!

  7. Christopher – I'll check into that Grizzly. I know I need to get one, but I have not had the time to look into it much. Also, I only recently realized how limited I am in wood options without one.

    I'll shoot you a email or something when time gets closer for me to buy one.

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