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Internet overload

When I started this blog a little over a year ago, I had no idea how large the internet woodworking community is. And I keep learning each week just how massive the number of resources are – and there are some excellent resources.

There are blogs everywhere. There are many video blogs and audio blogs – some very well done which begs the question, “How do these guys find time to produce and upload these files; do woodworking, and hold down a day job?” And what about the wife? My wife thinks I spend waaayyyy to much time on the internet as it is, and I don’t do video posts.

It is a wonder that I get any comments on my own blog, simply due to the sheer volume of blog posts to look at. I am having to limit the amount of time I spend looking at cool projects on blog after blog after blog (I can barely keep up with stuff in my own blog roll). Of course, a helpful tool for blog management is my Google Reader where I can quickly scan tons of websites for the information that interests me most. So, to viewers of this blog post, I offer a sincere “thank you” because just visiting my blog is an accomplishment unto itself.

One blog that I would highly recommend is The Woodworker’s Journey. This blog, run by Adam King, offers some truly good information about the business side of woodworking and Adam’s site already features an excellent audio interview with Michael Fortune.

Another resource packed site is Fine Woodworking.com and the various blogs they offer. Just going through these posts could keep me busy for hours (they have an excellent SketchUp blog and some really cool video posts).

As you can see in my right sidebar, I have a Facebook account and I have been disappointed with the low volume of valuable woodworking information there. The Facebook groups I have become a fan of are filled with spam, especially the 15,000 woodworking plans folks. If I see another piece of spam from those guys, I think I’ll scream.

Twitter, though has been very much worthwile for me. I did not like it at first, but I have discovered a large woodworking community there where some very good information is exchanged. So, if you are a woodworker, get a Twitter account and start playing around with it. I found out about the Woodworker’s Journey through Twitter.

Then there are a number of large woodworking forums. I have signed up at Tommy Mac’s woodworking forum, Woodtalk Online’s forum, and the WoodNet forum. I have not yet posted anything on these forums, but already, I can see that I will have to basically pick one to live on and I am leaning towards the Woodtalk forum simply because I have signed up for their podcasts.

And that is another thing, if you don’t have time to listen to an audio blog post or watch a video blog post, in some cases, you can download them to your iPod or iPhone and listen to them while you drive. I listened to three excellent podcasts yesterday by Adam King as well as some good stuff from Matt’s Basement Workshop. I am even going to have to limit the things I download.

To me, all of this is amazing, but something to be controlled. Last night I had planned an our or so of shop time, but it didn’t happen because I was messing around on the internet.

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During the week, I sell flooring products for The Dixie Group. Weekends, you'll find me in my basement workshop making furniture.


  1. I know what you mean. I started out with Lumberjocks, but have found that with all the blogs I follow, and with Twitter, I don't have much time for LJ any more. I have 12 video or audio podcast I follow and like 29 blogs. The problem is a find a new one every week or so that I want to follow as well. There has to be a limit somewhere.

  2. “The problem is I find a new one every week…”

    I know what you mean Jimmy. It is becoming almost a rule that if you woodwork, then you need a blog :). But the more, the merrier. It is always interesting to see what new ideas are coming to the internet, how people design their blogs and their means of communicating their ideas (ie: video).

    And, thanks for the comment.

  3. Nice post, Jeff. I know exactly what you mean. I'll back your choice of Wood Talk Online. It's an excellent forum. As for the podcasts, I find just one video podcast more than I can keep up with. As for audio, I burn through them with all the driving I do. More woodworkers need to chat!

  4. Dyami – I do a lot of driving too. I have a video podcast from Matt's Basement Workshop on my iPod and I watched some of it at red lights and stuff. Not while driving 😮 – I really liked the interview that Adam did.

    Thanks for the tip about Bell Forrest Products – I am very pleased with what they sent me.

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