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An entertainment center upgrade

I have the very unusual situation of having three projects going on at one time: the built-in project for my daughter’s bath, the TV console for my Dad and today, I am tackling a modest upgrade to our entertainment center. See below:

Cramped. It is tight quarters in my shop. In the foreground, the African mahogany for the TV console project and you can see the built-in in the background. Note that I have had to use a ladder as I work on the built-in.

And a mess. The modification to the entertainment center is on my outfeed table. I have allowed my shop to become a mess. Note the area in the far background – this is future expansion for my shop. Right now, it is a home for some of our junk.

My entertainment center (EC for short) was a monster project from about six or seven years ago (see my post about it here, including a “before” photo with the old TV). At that time, TVs were square and deep. Now they are rectangular and skinny. To maximize the TV size, I decided to fore go a table top stand and mount the TV to the back of the EC. The problem is, the back is too deep, so I need to build a mount to move the TV forward in the opening.

My project for today. I have taken a few pieces of scrap plywood and fabricated this mount. The base will rest against the back of the entertainment center (screwed in place) and in the photo above, I have added a cleat which will be screwed into the shelf above. The whole thing will be spray painted flat black.

Clever. I thought this was a stroke of genius. My EC weighs a ton and we have nice oak flooring that I don’t want to scratch. To eliminate this possibility, I use a car jack to raise the entertainment center and I then place scrap carpet underneath the feet which enables me to slide the EC forward gaining access to the wires in the back.

Pre-installation. Here is the cavity the old TV resided in. Note the cut-out in the back. To minimize the width of the sides, I allowed the TV to stick out through the back a couple of inches.

Ready for the TV. Here, the mount is in place. I eventually remove it, because the bottom of the TV hits the table top. I move the mount upward about 1/8” and the TV fits.

Installed. The TV fills the opening in the EC – there is only a fraction of an inch clearance on all four sides. There were not many 37” TVs to choose from at Best Buy. This is the highest resolution model I could find that filled the opening.

I still have some wiring to do. I have to admit, I got confused with all the wiring. Some of my components are new and some are older, so I have various levels of technology, for instance I have four HDMI inputs on my TV, but none of my components utilize HDMI. I spent at least an hour or more working through the best way to connect everything.

But this was a quick project as far as the woodworking is concerned. The big take-away from this project is to plan everything out in advance. The little mount I made worked as planned, but I had to design it so that it could be easily removed. The TV fits so tightly to it’s opening that to change any of the wires, I will have to un-screw the mount and slide all of it forward with out scratching the finish on the table top.

I have plans to design a new EC that will allow me to move up to an even larger TV. When that happens, the lower section of my current EC will become a chest of drawers. But, this is a project that is several years away, because this weekend upgrade extends my current EC’s life a few more years.


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  1. It's cool that you were able to retrofit. I have a similar problem with the technology — we seem to be stuck with a universal remote that was put in by the now-defunct Tweeter store. We can't change components or we'll be in a morass of multiple remotes! (I realize that this is a small problem on the grand scale.)

  2. We are there right now. The next step with the new TV is to program it's remote to work with all the other components. Wish me luck.

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