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TV Console: construction begins

Refinements. I draw my project full size on a scrap sheet of MDF making slight adjustments to it’s size. Note the paper cup and washer I use to help me draw the circular parts of the bracket feet (click to enlarge).

So I have recovered from the installation of my new HDTV in my entertainment center and have turned my attention to the TV console project (completion of my built-in project is on hold until I complete the TV console). One of the things I want to do with the TV console project is to spend a little more time on the design aspect of it.

I have been very pleased with the SketchUp drawings of this piece (see them here). But, I know from past experience that just because something looks good on paper or on a computer screen, doesn’t mean that it looks just as good in real life.

With the TV console project, even though I very much like the design, I was concerned that the SketchUp illustration captured the true size of what I had drawn. After all, this project as designed is less than two feet tall – it is pretty small, so I decided that a full size drawing was needed (photo above).

A nice surprise. The African mahogany. Two of the boards are over 15″ wide – purchased from Bell Forest Products. Three of the smaller boards have warped pretty significantly since arrival.

Sunday afternoon, my Dad stopped by and looked at the beautiful African mahogany that had arrived and we discussed the size of the project. Two things emerged from this meeting. I ultimately decided to make the TV console slightly taller, and I thought the bracket feet looked a little small. So I enlarged them slightly. Since the early stages of a project can be sort of boring (I mean how exciting are photos of me gluing two boards together?), I plan to go over these design changes in more detail as the TV console starts to take shape.

Under way. The first step is to glue up boards which will become the bottom of the TV console. I use one of the wide boards for this. The color match is pretty good (I love the color of this wood).

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving. The upcoming holiday will give me time to continue with the glue-ups so that I (hopefully) will have the basic box of this project completed by the weekend.


  1. Thanks guys – actually getting excited by it since it has been ages since I have worked with mahogany.

    I am going to have to figure out how I can use those warped boards though…

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