The TV Console
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Shelf dividers – TV Console project

The next step… Next, I need to fabricate these shelf dividers (shown in blue) and create the dados and tenons for the joinery.

In our last episode of the TV Console project, I had the case of the project dry fitted. As I thought about the next steps in the project, I realized a lot had to happen before I could actually get the case glued up:

  1. I had to take my 7/8″ thick stock down to 1/2″ thick.
  2. I had to cut the decorative profile in the edge of both dividers.
  3. I had to cut tenons on the upper and lower edge of each divider.
  4. I had to cut a corresponding dado in the case cross pieces.

This past week has been all about time management. Several days this week, I wasn’t able to get in any shop time. The culprit was mainly work related stuff that eliminated both early morning and after dinner woodworking. But I was able to get some of the steps on my to do list completed Tuesday, Thursday and then over the weekend as well as today. Here are the highlights from this past week…

Decorative. I draw the profile for edge treatment on the dividers. I have already planed these boards down to 1/2″ thick.

Making the cuts. I picked up my seldom used coping saw to cut the decorative profile on the dividers. Note the flashlight that is sitting on the board.

Smooth. I used several different files as well as sandpaper to smooth the rough cut left by my coping saw. Note the stopped tenons – the middle shelf has stopped dados on both of it’s sides.

Tenons and dados. The dividers in place. I cut the dados with a 1/4″ router bit. The slight gaps you see are from increasingly warped boards. I think this has been caused by the very cold weather we have experieced and the fact that my shop is unheated. These gaps will be eliminated when I glue everything together. I also need to sand the edge of the middle shelf.

A difficult dry fit. This dry fit took some effort to get everything in place. Since all of the joinery is via dados, I don’t think I’ll have a problem making the warped boards flat. I have a little fine tuning to do before I glue everything up, and I am thinking about slapping some red mahogany stain on the aspen.

I am pleased with how this project is progressing. With some Christmas festivities on the schedule this week, I will be lucky to get beyond the glue up. After that the next step will be to fabricate the face frame and then begin work on the frame for the bracket feet.

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  1. I like the words “dados” and “tenons”. 😀

    It's looking good, daddy! (:

  2. I'm with Beth. Where in the world did us goofy woodworkers come up with “dados?”

    You're doing a great job! It's fun to see the progression too!

  3. Jason – progression is what this project is all about. It meant to be a Christmas gift for my Dad's wife. He has let me off the hook to have it finished by Christmas, but I think I can make it.

    I ordered another 10 bf of mahogany today from Bell Forest Products – their prices have gone up!

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