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Making bracket feet – TV Console project

Finally, the feet. This is a step in the project I am looking forward to completing.

With this post, the TV Console project made great strides towards taking its final shape. Until now, you sort of had to use your imagination. The SketchUp drawings have been a great tool to communicate what the TV Console will look like, but there is nothing like seeing it in real life.

I borrowed my Dad’s bench top drill press; useful for fabricating the feet. When he brought it over, it had an amazing amount of rust on both the table and the lower platform. I ran through some steel wool and several sanding discs before getting down to metal and then applied a coat of wax.

After testing it out, I discovered it shakes slightly when at speed. This is partly due to the speed being on the highest setting, but also because it is simply an old drill press. I built a platform so I could clamp the wood to the table. Then the cutting began…

Making an “S”. I have cut a 2 1/8″ hole and am cutting the curved part of the profile.

Smooth. Using a sanding drum, I smooth out the rough cut left by the band saw.

Clamps. A variety of clamps pull the biscuit joint tight.

More clamps. I use all of my short clamps on the feet. I attach them to the frame with glue and a few screws. Do you ever use your table saw as a work surface?

Currently. I still have to sand the feet and frame. The case is just sitting on it right now – not attached. The gap at the base, front right will be closed up some when I attach it. What doesn’t pull up, will be covered by molding.

The end is in sight. Next, I will cut and attach the top, apply the moldings and then attach the back. I am thinking about boiled linseed oil with a top coat of wipe on poly for the finish, or just go with the wipe on poly. What finish would you apply?


  1. Thanks Christopher – I worked very hard on it yesterday. I will spend some more time today sanding it and attaching the base to the case.

  2. Hey Jeff. It's SO close.

    YES! I use my table saw all the time for a workspace. I just bought a hinge boring machine today. Know where it's sitting?????? That's right. On the Saw. 🙂

    I may be the only person with bad enough luck, but I stopped using wax on things, because I've had a few finishing disasters. NOTHING tops wax. So keep an eye out.

    Whatever finish you choose will be GREAT!

  3. Jason – I have wondered about that: wax from machine surfaces messing up the finish of the wood being cut. It hasn't been a problem for me, at least not that I have recognized.

    Thanks for the comment.

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