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Making the back and the top – TV Console project

Getting down to the wire. Delivery date is coming up and I am doing all I can to make it. I have the top and the back in place, but there is a lot left to do.

The target date for delivery of the TV Console project is this THURSDAY!!! I am not sure I will have it ready in time. I am getting in as much shop time as I physically can right now. I used the word “physically” for a reason. Yesterday, I got in about three hours of shop time and had to stop because my back was really starting to object. I can see a doctor visit coming up soon.

After attaching the base to the case, I was able to concentrate on the top and back of my project. As is usual on my blog, here is the photo play-by-play…

Final width. This is a little stressful because when determining the final width of the top, I have to allow extra length for the moldings. Despite the fact that I have drawn this project full size on a piece of MDF, I still worry that I am allowing enough length. Here I use a straight edge to guide my router equipped with a straight bit to make the cut. The board is too wide to cut on the table saw.

A cove. I use a cove bit to cut this profile on the underside of the top edge. I take a little off at a time until I like the look.

Now it is flat. The top is attached with ten screws driven through the “sub-top” into spacer blocks. The spacer blocks have already been glued to the underside of the top. This photo is from Friday. The top had remained amazingly flat until it started raining like crazy and then warped slightly.

Keeping it simple. The back boards are recessed into the back of the case – no frame or anything to dress it up. On the boards, I use rabbets to form expansion joints to allow for future swelling. I use two business cards between each board for uniform space. Note the sub-top and a spacer block in the foreground. You can also see a better shot of the edge profile for the top. In addition to the cove, I put a slight chamfer on the top edge.

The back in place. I want these boards to stay flat so I counter sink three screws down the center of each board. I don’t want to see these screws, so I will fill the screw holes with mahogany plugs.

Getting close. Looking good with the top and back in place.

There is still a lot to do before I can call this project completed. The back boards have not been sanded. I still need to cut holes to allow for audio/video cables and then cut and apply moldings for the base and under the top. Then final sanding and finish. I don’t see how I can do all this by Thursday, so I am headed back to the shop!

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  1. Dyami – I am planning on getting up extra early tomorrow to get in some shop time before work.

    The TV Console is getting too heavy for me to move it by myself. So, I did not move it from in front of my van, prior to photos (I would rather have a nice shop as a backdrop). Just the way it is.

  2. Jason, it has been a very busy time especially since woodworking is at best a side businenss for me. But I had some vacation time last week which helped and I have been working on the e-Book on and off over the past year.

    Thanks for the comment.

  3. That's a fine looking piece. I know the final push can be stressful, but be careful and be willing to go past the deadline if it means achieving the best results. It's worth it.

    That's one reason why I no longer even set deadlines.

  4. Adam – thanks for visiting my blog. I got the OK today to be a few days late on this project. There was just no way to complete it in time. I will likely complete the construction, but applying the finish will make this project late. Not a big deal though.

  5. Jeff, it looks great! I peeked ahead and saw that you have a coat of finish on. I'm hoping for a safe completion of the project – back problems are no fun.

  6. Aaron – I had a good day yesterday with my back, but it is a little sore this morning. Just something I live with.

    I should finish the TV Console today! It will be delivered tomorrow, weather permitting (we are supposed to get sleet/snow/ice here).

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