The TV Console
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TV Console: A Post Project Review


It has been a week since I delivered the TV Console project. I have had some time to reflect on the whole process of design and construction and I thought I would write about what went well along with some lessons learned. Overall, this was an enjoyable project, a little rushed at the end, but successful.

First, I really like how the design turned out: traditional despite its modern use as a home for audio/video equipment. It has been a while since I constructed bracket feet and I have never added a decorative edge to dividers – both went very well.

The wood color is fantastic; mahogany is beautiful and easy to work with. The source, Bell Forest Products delivered my material promptly and damage free. Two of the boards were about 15 inches wide and many had some cool grain. Most of the mahogany warped after delivery but I believe this was a result of the environment of my shop. I’ll order from Bell again.

The dado joinery of the case made pulling the warp out of my panels easy to do. If I had more time, I would have tried hand cut dovetails for the case, but I am not sure dovetails would have helped me overcome the warping.

Lessons learned
My shop is not equipped to easily handle lumber that is rough sawn. Before I use this type of wood again, I will have to come up with funds to buy more equipment or I’ll have to allow time for an outside source to process the lumber so I can work with it.

Finishing the interior where the A/V equipment resides was a challenge. I contemplated finishing the interior prior to attaching the back, but the screws used to attach the back had to be plugged which included cutting the plugs flush and then sanding them. So, I decided to attach the back and complete all construction prior to finish. I might do this differently in the future.

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  1. Hey Jeff-

    It looks great, and I like the idea of doing a post-project critique. I'm usually so sick of looking at the bloody thing that I just want to put it out of my mind!

  2. Jeff, you are gifted! (Wish you lived near … family/friends could keep you busy!) Thanks for stopping by … it's always a joy to connect.

  3. Jeff,
    Beautifully done. The cabinet looks great and has taught you well. No critique from me. The project came out well.

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