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I receive a woodworking gift

The Delta 13″ planer. A very nice gesture from a fellow woodworker.

There was a moment during the construction of my TV Console project where I got so frustrated that I just walked away from it for a while (as it ended up, I was only away from my shop for a day or so). The problem was I didn’t have the necessary tools to do what had to be done. Ultimately I found a cabinet shop in here in Pelham that was able to help me out for a tiny cost ($35.00), but I had uncovered a road block on my journey to better woodworking: I need a planer, among other things.

Christopher, who writes the very good Combray Furniture Studio blog quickly provided a solution to my problem. He had a Delta 13″ planer that was not being used and he simply offered to give it to me – an extremely kind and generous thought on Chris’ part.

It has arrived and I finally got it set up and turned on (he had made a crate to ship it in – it weighs more than 90 pounds). It should come in handy for my crown molding project as I will have to achieve some odd dimensions for the individual crown profiles. Right now it is sitting on the old TV stand from my Dad’s house; I plan to build a dedicated stand for it – with wheels and everything.

Christopher, many thanks for your thoughtful help.

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During the week, I sell flooring products for The Dixie Group. Weekends, you'll find me in my basement workshop making furniture.


  1. Hey man, it's my pleasure. Thanks for your patience with the foibles of UPS. I feel good just knowing that it will get some use!

  2. Good luck on your woodworking projects. You have a real talent to share. But what has happened to Southern Shade Gardening? Will you maintain that blog as well? If not, i will miss seeing your hostas!

  3. Congrads Jeff. I had to sell my planer and I have missed it everyday. It does open up the possiblites and ease of building.

    I will aquire another one. and when I do it will hopefully not leave my shop again.

  4. What a generous gift! A great example of the amazing community of woodworkers that has popped up.

  5. Jane and Aaron – thanks for visiting my blog. It is pretty cool how this happened, brought about by social media.

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