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Cool post over at the SketchUp blog

Not much going on here since I have had the flu for most of the week (I never get sick; as a matter of a fact, I can’t even remember having the flu before). While lying on the couch with my laptop, I ran across a post on Google’s SketchUp blog which caught my attention. Titled, “SketchUp Pro Case Study: Randy Wilkins”, this post goes into detail how a professional movie and TV set designer uses SketchUp in his work The post also provides some beautifully executed illustrations. And since Randy has an interest in woodworking, he includes a nice drawing of Christopher Schwarz’s The Schoolbox.

This is important for me because I gained more insight into SketchUp’s capabilities. Due to the Randy Wilkins post, it has become clear to me that I will need to move up to SketchUp Pro with Layout. It looks like Layout is what I really need to move forward with project plans.

Anyway, the Google SketchUp post is a very good read; maybe you’ll like it too.

UPDATE 3/19/11: I have been watching a lot of DIY Network and am dying to get back to my dinning room ceiling project. While DIY has some cheesy home improvement shows, there are a few that are pretty good.

I did a little work on the dining room on Monday cutting some of the beams to size and beginning to form the lap joints before I started to feel the effects of the flu. I have about six inches of material to remove to form these joints. I have been going back and forth on how best to cut this material away, starting with a router fitted with a 1/2″ straight bit (the cut is 3/8″ deep).

My initial cuts with the router did not go as planned. The bit moving across the width of the board, freehand, jumped around slightly which can lead to a messy cut (it’s also a safety issue). I have decided the best way to cut this is with a radial arm saw, but I don’t have one. I am thinking about repeated cross cuts 1/4″ deep with my circular saw, knocking out the waste with a chisel, then clean-up with my router. That’s my plan right now.

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During the week, I sell flooring products for The Dixie Group. Weekends, you'll find me in my basement workshop making furniture.


  1. Sorry to hear about you feeling bad. Having a hard time walking right now myself. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

    I have tried to use Sketchup but get to frustrated trying to get it to do what I want.

  2. David – sorry about your troubles as well. SketchUp continues to impress me, but as you say, it took some time for me to get moderately good with it.

    Once I recognized the best way to make components and how best to wrap molding around things, I have become more comfortable with it.

    But I am a long way from those illustrations by Randy Wilkins. A lot to left to learn and I need to get both a new laptop as well as the Pro version before I can do work like his. But that is my goal. 🙂

  3. Duane – thanks and I hope to say goodbye to the flu today.

    My most recent thinking is to use my router with a broad base and a makeshift fence. But, I agree with you about the router being a good tool for the job.

  4. Jeff,
    Hope you're recouping quickly. I can't wait to see you new ceiling. I wish I had that kind of patience with SketchUp.

  5. Thanks Dyami – learning SketchUp is a slow process for me. I just don't have the time to do serious work on the SketchUp blog.

    I have tried to find a local class on it, but have been unsuccessful. There has to be one somewhere I can attned.

  6. Jeff,
    there are some basic SketchUp classes at WIA if you can make (and one he'll of a good time to boot).

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