Peter Kramer, The Tornado Bed
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About those finials

Peter Kramer Carving

The photo shows a feature found on some of Peter Kramer’s earlier pieces – scratch carving. I borrowed the finial design for the Tornado Bed from one of Peter’s projects.

While building the Tornado Bed, a few people asked about the finial design. I had seen this design used in a bed more than 25 years ago and had always liked it. I also had planned to write about it in an earlier post, but forgot to do so; something I’d like to correct now.

The original design is by woodworker and furniture designer Peter Kramer (no relation to Cosmo). Back in the 1980s when country decorating was sadly so popular, Country Home magazine did a write-up about Peter Kramer’s unique home as well as an additional article about his design style for furniture. I count him as a key person in my development as a woodworker. I still have that magazine and thumb through its pages from time to time to get my creative juices flowing.

Peter’s finial design was part of a head board that featured some slight carving and a painted detail. See the photo below (click the photos to enlarge)…

Peter Kramer Finials

Note in the photo the head board finial and in the upper left of the photo you can barely see the foot board finial as well.

Bed Finial

Here is my copy of the finial.

Since making this bed, I have had some time to look back through Peter’s work shown in Country Home. He has made case pieces, tables, chairs, beds among other types of furniture and his work usually has some visual hook to it. I really like his design style. Last year, I wrote a detailed post about Peter which includes some images of his work. Also you can visit Peter’s website by clicking here. Note on his website a handsome collection of chairs.

Funny thing is that after working with pine once again and being reminded how easily dented and scratched and super soft this wood is; and even though staining it is problematic, I have this desire to make another project using Peter’s collection as inspiration. But most of his work is made of – you guessed it, pine. You could say I have a love/hate relationship with this wood.


  1. I like your finials better; it seems like there is a 1:1 x:y ratio for the face squares which reduces some of he bulkiness and introduces another dimension of symmetry. Or maybe the rectangular-ness I am seeing in the Kramer write-up is due to the photography?

  2. M – you have a good eye. I noticed the same thing while doing the blog post. I think the squat look of Kramer's finials are actually the way they are vs. a photographic thing.

    Lighthearted – thanks for visiting my blog. It was actually 27 years ago to be exact and I was 24 years old then, so yes it was a long time ago! 🙂

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