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Tornadoes visit Alabama, again

Monday was yet another day in which we were glued to our TV watching non-stop coverage of severe weather. While this day wasn’t historic like the April 27, 2011 outbreak, it was bad enough. Ten tornadoes churned paths through Central Alabama claiming two lives and injuring about 100; some 500 homes in Jefferson County sustained damage.

Early reports state these tornadoes were rated a EF2 and EF3. The level three tornadoes have a maximum wind speed of 165 mph. As you can see in the video above, this particular tornado seems to bounce around somewhat. There are areas of heavy damage followed by very little or no damage and then more destruction appears.

An email this morning from our church announced the beginning of volunteer efforts to remove debris and provide other support to the damaged areas. Seems like we just went through this…

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  1. As a Okie born in tornado alley I difinitely know what it is like to see people loose everything in a blink of an eye with no rhyme or reason.

    God bless them

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