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Ed M. Builds the Bedside Table

A woodworking project based on my bedside table plan.

A woodworking project based on my bedside table plan.

I wanted to put up this quick post to highlight a completed project based on my woodworking plan, You Can Build a Bedside Table. Ed M. of Pennsylvania sent me these photos of his table; he downloaded the project plan at Sawtooth

A cool aspect of working with wood is the woodworker can take a project plan and adapt it to suit his or her needs. Here, Ed uses the table as a home for a video monitor. He made minor changes to the beads which surround the drawer and door openings, used a more heavy duty way to attach the top and base to the case, and made a more simplified back for the table.



In particular, I am jealous of the raised panels he made; they turned out better than what is on my bedside table.

I consider this plan to be a solid intermediate woodworking project due to the web frames which help form the skeleton of the table, the panels which are present in sides, doors and lower shelf. The doors and drawer are the inset variety, so getting a good fit can be challenging. And making bracket feet and breadboard ends to the top takes some work. Also, this small table simply has a lot of parts to it.

So, Ed, good job and I am proud to feature your table on my blog.

By the way, this woodworking plan has been optimized for IdeaRoom which is the interactive software developed by Sawtooth Ideas. I was originally drawn to Sawtooth Ideas because of the professional nature of their website and how they do business. But it is the implementation of their proprietary IdeaRoom software which makes Sawtooth Ideas truly a unique source for woodworking plans. There are a lot of places on the web where you can get plans. At Sawtooth Ideas you get plans and a very unique way to use them in your shop. See the short video below…

Be sure to check out all the woodworking plans at Sawtooth Ideas.


  1. Excellent! Nice job Ed. It looks great. We have a lot of people that download projects from our site but we don’t get to see the results very often. That is very cool and it must be very rewarding for you, Jeff, to see your project take on a new life.

    • Russ, it is rewarding to see finished projects from my plans. I was sitting next to my daughter with my iPad when Ed’s email came through. So, yea, rewarding.

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