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et cetera 03.31.13

A purchase recommended by Todd Clippinger

A purchase recommended by Todd Clippinger

With this post, I’ll share some internet love by highlighting things I see during the week which are unique or especially interesting in some way. I want to turn this into a regular series on my blog, but it may start out in an infrequent way; but I hope to make this a weekly item. And so, here we go…

ACW Article in America’s Best Workshops 2013 – Woodworker Todd Clippinger, a friend to many at Lumberjocks, has yet another published article; this time in WOOD magazine’s special interest publication titled “America’s Best Workshops 2013”. I have been on the lookout for this magazine; saw it at my local grocery store and bought it on the spot. In addition to Todd’s article, there are many featured workshops and a ton of great ideas. I give it a five star rating.

Shaping Planes to Fit – Ron Hock, posted a YouTube video featuring woodworker Isaac Fisher who presents his thoughts on properly shaping a wooden body hand plane. More importantly, the video shows proper hand position while accomplishing specific hand plane tasks. In the video Fisher talks about the various wooden body hand planes (all of which he made himself) he uses in his shop and why – very interesting.

Review of the Powermatic PM1500 15 inch Bandsaw – woodworker Marty Backe recently upgraded to the PM1500 bandsaw which is easily an upgrade. In the video Backe states he paid more than $3,000 for this bandsaw, but Powermatic is like the Harley Davidson of power tools right now putting out killer tools. According to Backe, “it is built like a tank.”

Woodworking humor from Giant Cypress – this is a little old, but I thought it was pretty funny.


  1. I have some ash set aside just for that. I need to order the iron from hock before I do anything else. I’m hoping to make a jointer.

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