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et cetera 04.06.13

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Gothic Cathedral Desk – this was featured recently at the reader’s gallery area of Fine I have an interest in Gothic buildings and on several occassions have thought of creating a piece of furniture which incorporates Gothic design elements. Woodworker Monica Raymond beat me to it – she created a beautiful desk with a modern take on Gothic design; very creative and a high level of craftsmanship (correction: craftswomanship). See other examples of her work at her website, Monica Raymond Furniture and Design, including other tables in her Cathedral series.

Another Kind of Bench – I think chair making is really cool. For some reason, that speaks of craft to me. But, I have never made a chair, something I soon want to fix, but in the meantime, I’ll follow along as Jameel Abraham at Benchcrafted travels along the chair making path. First up is a special kind of bench; I won’t say any more except that it is unique in its own way (spalted maple). Awesome photos in Jameel’s blog post.

St. Mark’s Altar Cross – See the completed altar cross crafted by Clark Kellogg. Super work – Clark did the gilding and out of view is the skilled carving at the base. See that work by clicking here.

For some woodworking humor – here we are in just the second edition of et cetera and I have found more woodworking humor, posted on April Fool’s Day. Very timely in light of some recent blog posts I have seen.

Handworks Plane – a post by Ron Brese which shows the museum quality hand plane he will offer as a door prize for the upcoming Handworks show in Amana, Iowa. Why is it that all the cool woodworking events are so far away from my home? See the Handworks event page here.

Dining Table and Sunshine – Konrad at Sauer & Steiner is near completion of his dining table. He displays not only some precision metal work for it, but also some precision plane making. Nice photos in this blog post.

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During the week, I sell flooring products for The Dixie Group. Weekends, you'll find me in my basement workshop making furniture.

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