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et cetera 04.12.13

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Interviews with Woodworkers You Know – I could have linked directly to the MWA website for this, but I thought an introduction by Megan Fitzpatrick would lend additional credibility to this podcast. It is a collection of brief interviews with some prominent woodworkers during Woodworking in America 2012. About half way through the podcast, Tom Iovino interviews Roy Underhill – it is the funniest bit of woodworking humor I have ever heard. The other interviews are interesting as well. Check it out.

16 Foot Gentlemans Runabout #15 Front Deck – a blog entry at Lumberjocks showing a super cool boat under construction. When I see photos like these, I always look in the background. In these photos I see common home woodworking power tools; further evidence that great woodworking doesn’t require the biggest and best tools.

MWA visits Nakashima’s wood barn – from twitter, the Modern Woodworkers Association New Jersey/New York chapter visited George Nakashima Woodworking in New Hope, Pennsylvania and snapped this photo of an awesome stash of wood.

Lie Nielsen Router Planes Product Tour – a video from the Highland Woodworking site featuring woodworking good guy M. Scott Morton. This week, I could have used a router plane as I worked on the top of my router table – sort of ironic don’t you think? A router plane officially goes on my hand tool wish list (in the MWA podcast above, Megan Fitzpatrick says the router plane is her favorite tool).

Test Drive: Carbide Marking Knife from Czeck Edge – Nothing Earth shattering here, except I have been seeing marking tools more often lately. I should buy a marking knife, but I continue to rely on the #2 pencil. Note the big photo: I think only Chris Schwarz could make a marking knife look so sexy.

Custom Big Leaf Maple Bedroom Set – From Fine; Pat Hamilton showcases pieces from a bedroom set which I found to be very inspiring – creative, well designed with excellent use of wood grain. Sweet!

Jeff Visits a Pro-Woodworker
This week I stopped by the workshop of professional woodworker David Traylor; and sorry no website to link to – he must be the only woodworker who does not have a website.

David has been at woodworking for over 30 years and in addition to building things from wood during the day, he is a woodworking instructor at night. His goal – to be a full time instructor. He currently has an enrollment of about 30 people, but he figures it would take 100 students to be a full time teacher. I wish him all the luck.

I spoke to him about my new excitement in hand tools and I don’t remember exactly what he said, but something like “hand tools won’t pay the bills.” It struck me how different his thinking is from mine. My shop: thinking about adding a nice old school style workbench; his shop: a workbench with a top, legs and shelving – basic. Me talking about hand planes and him displaying his new Sawstop cabinet style saw (a killer tool).

Not that his thinking is wrong; as a matter of fact, I wish I had pursued woodworking at a younger age like he did. But the difference was striking and very thought provoking. I enjoyed being able to talk to a professional.

I’ll visit David again soon, maybe think of taking one of his classes.

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