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et cetera 05.05.13

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Segmented Walnut and Maple Bowl – Frank Howarth strings together more than 13,000 images to create a video of making a segmented bowl. I have seen a few segmented bowls, but this is one is unique among them due to the pattern Frank creates. Interesting.

Craftsman 113.27610 Restoration #1: Assembly begins… Joshua at Lumberjocks begins the restoration of a Craftsman Bench Saw. Some woodworkers have interest in bringing old hand planes back to life. The same holds true for old power tools. I like cars and often watch TV shows about restoring old cars, muscle cars, etc. Wouldn’t it be cool to have some restored vintage power tools in the shop? I first came across this concept at The Way I Wood – Darnell restored a 1964 Powermatic PM45 lathe. This struck me as being just as desirable as restoring an old car, and I hope to add a restored power tool to my shop some day. I plan to follow along as Joshua works on the Craftsman table saw.

Tom McLaughlin Designing and Making a Coffee Table – I recently watched this series of three videos by Tom McLaughlin via the Furniture Project to gain some insight into curvacious furniture design. I am not into curves when designing furniture which is something I need to change.

Measure Twice – Cut Once – the Tatoo – Need a woodworking themed tatoo? Here is your chance to impress your friends at the local woodworking club when you roll up your sleeves.

Detail of Walnut Bible Box – from Giant Cypress; I included this because when I can take such close-ups of my work, then I’ll know I have really achieved a high level of woodworking. As they say, the camera does not lie, and if you are going to take close-up photos of your work, it better be good.

Walnut Coffee Table – Yet another coffee table. For some design inspiration, check out this post at Fine

A mentally exhausting week
Every now and then a week comes along which includes such a wide string of events, it wears you out emotionally.

This past week started with a death in the family (my step-mom), preparation for the funeral and then the funeral itself. Fortunately, my manager was very understanding through all of this, but at work there was a new sales contest kicking off that I needed to at least participate in. The day after the funeral, my Dad went into the hospital for stent placement in his heart. We were lucky that everything went well and he is now home and doing fine.

We are in the final stages of the largest home improvement project my wife and I have ever attempted (see photo here) – new siding for our house. After some (a lot really) self-imposed pressure, I made the needed sale for work about 2:00 pm on Friday. And finally, the week ended with an extremely uplifting event – the graduation of our daughter from the University of Alabama yesterday.


For the first time since my daughter’s days in kindergarten, she is no longer a student – a major event for her, but also a meaningful event for my wife and myself.

I hope to get some woodworking done today and I am looking forward to a more normal week to come.

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During the week, I sell flooring products for The Dixie Group. Weekends, you'll find me in my basement workshop making furniture.

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