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et cetera 05.18.13

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Some interesting things from around the web

The Porter Heavy Pattern Jointer – a video by Frank Howarth. I mean dad gum; take a look at this jointer, easily the largest one I have ever seen. Ever. And it is so sweet – if I had the space for a tool of this size, I would save my money and save my money until I could afford one like it. And Frank Howarth’s video production is just plain cool. As you watch the video, check out the gigantic size of his shop – two table saws. Dang! Correction – he has three table saws.

Morton’s Shop: Dining Room Table Complete – Final Pictures! – In this blog post at Highland Woodworking, Mike Morton’s exceptional dining table is showcased. And it should be showcased; the design is first rate as well as the construction and Morton has a good eye for beautiful wood grain. I suggest you click each photo for a larger view – even the support system is creative utilizing darker wood. I am not into modern furniture, but I would very much like to own this piece.

Plane Iron Sharpening Jig – From Lumberjocks; I’ll be making this jig. Any help I can gain as I walk along the path to sharpening greatness is appreciated.

Arts and Crafts Nightstand #1 – Also from Lumberjocks; the first post in a new series by blogger “Pintodeluxe” in which he begins another Arts and Crafts style project. I have followed a few of his projects and have been impressed with his work.

Concerning my next project
I announced in my last blog post the upcoming build of a new miter saw stand. And that will be my next major project, but before I get to that, I will be building a garden planter following the woodworking plan I purchased from Sawtooth Ideas.

Some of the killer lumber at Hardwoods Inc.

Some of the killer lumber at Hardwoods Inc – super tall and wide.



What you see above is some of the luscious lumber available at Hardwoods Inc. in Alabaster, Alabama. I have purchased material from them only a few times since they are about a 30 minute drive from my house. But they have some seductive lumber – I need to shop here more.

The plan calls for cypress which they had tons of. I selected some rough sawn 4/4 and 5/4 material. The plan also calls for 6/4 stock, but they did not have that so I’ll have to improvise.

The planter is considered a moderate level project. It will require some resawing and four mortise and tenon joints; furniture grade construction on a planter, sounds interesting. I expect this to be a quick build and then it will be on to the miter saw stand.

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During the week, I sell flooring products for The Dixie Group. Weekends, you'll find me in my basement workshop making furniture.


  1. The A & C nightstand might make it on to the to-do list sooner rather than later. This might sound crazy because I love Arts and Crafts, but I don’t like oak all that much. When will your miter station be in the works? That one may be on my to-do list as well.

    • I once adopted red oak as my wood of choice because it is a hardwood readily available at the home center already surfaced. I don’t have the patience for stock prep – but I digress, red oak is not an Arts and Crafts lumber anyway.

      I have given myself two weeks to finish the planter, and then I’ll start on the miter saw stand regardless. I typically don’t do well with more than one project going. 🙂

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