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et cetera 06.08.13

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Some interesting things from around the web

A Claro Walnut Sideboard – Dan Mosheim runs Dorset Custom Furniture and his team of craftsmen just finished a particularly interesting sideboard. I have to admit that when I saw this project about mid-construction, I was not sure how the finished piece would look; but it turned out extra good. The project combines wood and steel and a lot of small burl walnut veneer – check it out.

The Hobbit Cupboard Completed – I am drawn to medieval-style furniture and carving, and while watching the Lord of the Rings movie series, I often found myself looking at the furniture and architecture. So it is no wonder that I really like Mike Peckovich’s new cupboard. See the cupboard during construction here.

Writing Desk Building Process by Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers – D&WFM usually produce two types of videos: one of their finished project, and a second which shows the construction process. It is my opinion that the later type of video is the better because I can see all the hand tool work, which is fascinating. They must be masters at sharpening and plane set-up. Good video and speaking of video, they seem to be expanding their video production techniques in this one.

Hand Tool Woodworking Project – some woodworking humor from Bob Lang (I suppose this isn’t humorous if your woodworking actually includes steps like those Bob mentions).

What I have been up to
I have a woodworking project underway; a little garden planter. I am using a Sawtooth Ideas plan as a guide. The idea is to utilize all of the resources which come with a Sawtooth Ideas woodworking plan, and see how it impacts my building process.

My current project

My current project

That is cypress you see in the photo. This is the first rough sawn material I have used in a loooong time, so stock preparation has been a big part of this project and has been fun. There is 1 1/8 inch thick stock along with 1 inch, 7/8, 3/4 and 3/8 inch thick, all in one small project. I’ll have a blog post about the full project in the next week or so.

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