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The Scott Bookcase: My Second Commission

My second commission: a seven foot tall bookcase.

My second commission: a seven foot tall bookcase.

We are in the process of moving our daughter home from the University of Alabama. She graduated in May and soon all of her stuff will have to be moved out of her apartment. So this weekend will be spent stacking two car loads of her items in our basement. In the meantime, I have been thinking about reviving a blog series which began in January, 2010; the construction of a seven foot tall, painted bookcase clad with various types of moldings.

This bookcase, built for a co-worker whose last name is Scott, was my second ever commission. I have completed just one other commission since then. Commissions tend to wear me out – self imposed pressure to get a commission finished has often meant devoting most every minute of personal time to completing the project. Often my responsibilities around the house as well as my day job have suffered as a result. I simply do not have enough time to build commissions, and the fact that I tend to tackle large projects does not help.

A teaser photo: the lower section nearing completion.

A teaser photo: the lower section nearing completion. Note the nearly new workbench and how organized my shop was then.

But, this bookcase was a very successful project. I borrowed many design ideas from a bookcase I built for my daughter. This painted bookcase was built mostly of plywood and MDF which made made building it easier. An important aspect of this project was the utilization of SketchUp as a design tool. This was my first project with SketchUp. I used SketchUp to show the bookcase to my friend and his wife in their home. I could spin it around and zoom in and easily discuss design ideas with them.

I hope you will follow along as I resurrect this project from the past. I will post links to these old blog entries periodically over the next few weeks. To see the first post in this build process, click here.

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