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et cetera 08.16.13

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Since the demise of Google Reader, I have been a little out of touch with woodworking things from around the world wide web. I have begun using Feedly in place of Google Reader and am beginning to enjoy using it. Feedly has a nice app for both the iPad as well as the iPhone and when I run across something of interest, I can simply email the link to myself for future reference. Thank you Feedly for being even better than Google Reader!

Modern Woodworkers Association Podcast – Dyami, Chris and Tom have stepped up their game when it comes to the MWA Podcast. They continue to work on both the audio quality of the podcast as well as the guests they interview. Two really good podcasts of late include interviews with Bob Lang of Popular Woodworking and Marc Spagnuolo.

  • The Bob Lang Podcast – Bob offers up a variety of quotable lines in this podcast; many that resonated with me. He offers insight into his early days of woodworking as well as working at the magazine and also some thoughts on SketchUp which are interesting. He has a great quote about being a hybrid woodworker. A very good podcast.
  • The Marc Spagnuolo Podcast – Marc also talks about his early days of woodworking, the business side of internet marketing and more; also very good.

How to Cut Coves on the Table Saw – I bookmarked this for future reference. I have made custom crown moldings in the past using my router and building up profiles cut on the edge of 1x stock. But what do you do if you need a nice sweep of molding from a nice piece of lumber? Cutting such a cove on with your table saw is the answer and this video by Mario Rodriguez shows us how to do it the right way.

Making a Traditional Style Wooden Jointer – This post at Lumberjocks shows the final step in making a large wooden body jointer plane, and this plane is very traditional in design since it is the style which includes a tote. I am getting the itch to try my hand at making my own hand plane and this post just adds fuel to the fire. See the whole series on this hand plane build here.

Bickford Molding Planes – Another post from Lumberjocks and also about wooden hand planes, but this post is about the super cool molding planes hand crafted by Matt Bickford. Maybe someday I will have at least a few of these.

A Blog Update
I almost never write about the technical side of running my blog, but I made a significant step this week by upgrading my WordPress theme. I had been using 2012 and had mostly liked it, but the smartphone template that is part of 2012, is pretty boring. It functions just fine, but it lacks all manner of style and these days a visually appealing website even on a smallish smartphone screen is beneficial.

After much thought, I upgraded to Portfolio by The Theme Foundry. Porfolio has a ton of features which are useful. I can better showcase my woodworking plans; it has an attractive front page which includes a slider; and the Theme Foundry pays particular attention to typography, white space and page layout in general which is to my liking. Plus, their templates for tablets and smartphones are first rate. See the demo page for Portfolio here. Their themes are all compelling in some way – I seriously contemplated buying two others before deciding that Portfolio had most of what I wanted.

Recently, I have become interested in web design for smartphones and what designers are doing to make viewing sites on small devices more graphically appealing. A few examples of cool sites designed for mobile use are here and here – view them through your smartphone to get the full effect. Interesting.

My blog currently looks much as it did with my old theme. I will be implementing the new features of Portfolio over the coming weeks.

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During the week, I sell flooring products for The Dixie Group. Weekends, you'll find me in my basement workshop making furniture.

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