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Workshop Wall Surround, Part 2

Slow progress.

Slow progress.

I knew this project would be this way: slow. I have made some progress on my workshop wall surround, but the work is slow going because I am not following a predetermined plan for the steps I am taking.

Even though I created a nice SketchUp model of what the wall surround will look like, the reality is that I am having to make the wall fit around a variety of ducts and pipes.

Add the fact that I want a considerable part of the wall surround to be removable and you can see how the wall framing is not typical. So unique that I am having to work out a lot of details as I go.

In my last post, I revealed my progress with what the bottom plate of the wall system. Here is a photo from that blog post…

Floor framing completed.

Note the boards screwed to the basement floor.

Basically, I am making a copy of this outline for the top plate which is attached to the ceiling. As I do, I am having to work around plumbing lines, ductwork and various tubes. This is why there is no drawn out plan for the top plate – I am having to make this up as I go.

The beginning of the top plate.

The beginning of the top plate.

For the top plate, fitting, mistakes and re-cutting is slow going. In the photo above, I am about to begin fitting the top plate for the short 45 degree corner wall. It will run right into the black tube you see in the photo; something I will have to work around.

So, all of this is slow work, but I am making progress and am pleased so far. I’ll continue to work on the top plate today and I hope to have framing for the corner and next wall section completed by this time next week. Stay tuned!

In addition to the wall surround, I am working on a new woodworking plan. At the outset of 2013, I had a goal of making about one new woodworking plan each month. I have not published a new plan since February I think. My desire to get my workshop in better shape has put plans on hold along with other things.

If you have been following my blog, then you know I have been re-running a blog series from 2010 which details the build process of what I call the Scott Bookcase. When I conclude this re-run, I will also include a woodworking plan for it. An example page from the plan is below…

Page six from "You Can Build the Scott Bookcase."

Page six from “You Can Build the Scott Bookcase.”

These woodworking plans are time consuming to make and earlier in the year I had basically gotten burned-out on making them, but the Scott Bookcase plan is going well. I am striving for a more minimalistic look to the graphic design.

Move to the next post in this series by clicking here.

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